Español I:

In Spanish I, the students are introduced to the language of our foreign neighbor, México. They begin with lessons on simple everyday situations such as telling time, shopping, and the weather. By the end of the year, they should be able to converse on many subjects. To improve their conversational ability they use the language laboratory, listening to tapes made by actual, native Spanish-speaking people. In order to learn about hispanic people and their culture, films, guest speakers, field trips, and reports are used. 2 semesters--1 unit of credit.

Español II:

In Spanish II, the continuation of Spanish I, the students further add to their knowledge of the Spanish language by completing their study of basic Spanish grammar. After finishing one year of Spanish, they are prepared to begin reading simplified versions of great masterpieces of Spanish literature. A short term paper, written in English but on some Spanish topic, is required the first semester. Other projects, such as the production of an original video, are also completed throughout the year. 2 semesters--1 unit of credit.

Español III:

The primary emphasis in Spanish III will be the student's demonstration of an improved ability to read, write, and speak Spanish. Students will demonstrate skill in using new grammatical structures and large active and passive vocabularies. Students will be knowledgeable concerning many aspects of the varied Spanish cultures by using newspapers, films, short stories, and magazines to do primary research. Students will write short compositions in Spanish. Prerequisite: 2 semesters--1/2 credit each. Dual credit through Kaskaskia College.